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Experiences for schools and kindergartens

Adventure park Geoss is the biggest in Slovenia and can accept 120 people. An adventure usually lasts for 4 hours. If we split up a group, we can accept up to 220 children a day.

Experiences showed that a visit to our park is a great way of connecting sports and social dynamics in a class or a group. Children are surrounded with nature, fresh air, their peers and ready for new adventures, and at the same time, monitored carefully by our instructors and their attendants.

You can choose from seven courses of different levels of difficulties. There are 97 climbing elements, from 1 metre and up to 25 metres above ground. The courses also include more than 200 metres of zip-lines. The easiest course is suitable for children aged 4 years and over. However, every visitor chooses a course of difficulty, suitable for their own abilities.


Before visiting Adventure park Geoss, you don’t need any special preparation, physical shape or motor skill. Every visitor is safe when climbing the courses. Safety gear and safety systems are all certified and in directive with European standards for adventure parks. For a pleasant, and more importantly, safe adventure park experience, we have experienced instructors available. You just have to take care of proper footwear and clothes.


You can come visit the park on your own account, by car or by bus or in combination with Slovenske železnice (Slovenian railway), in that case, contact Polonca Novak Trajkovič (write an email to or call 02 292 23 85) and arrange for a train ride to Litija and a special bus ride from Litija railway station to Adventure park Geoss.


Motor skill development pathway for toddlers - suitable for kindergarten groups

In addition to the seven climbing courses in the park, we have a motor skill development pathway for children up to 7 years to enjoy.

Additional for school children ages 10 and up

We offer a huge, 915 metres long zip-line ride. The price is 5 EUR per person, but it is only available at that price when buying Adventure park Geoss tickets.

Walking paths nearby

There is a marked hiking path around Adventure park Geoss, which takes you past all the local historic sights, the geometric centre of Slovenia and all of nature's finest. You can also set out for a hike to a nearby village of Vače (approximately 2 kilometres away) and hike on the Vače Archeological trail.

Other Activities

There are some options for different free activities near the park. There is a large soccer field, different hiking trails, a lot of forest paths with a possibility for an educational orientational hike/run. We can also organize farmers games.

We welcome you to visit us with your children or scholars and convince yourself about all the positive effects of the day, spent in treetops. In Adventure park Geoss you can climb in treetops, but we can also help you organize a day full of different activities and adventures.

For more information, a reservation and organizing different activities, you can write an email to or call 030 332 332.

Model: Geoss-odrasli
Vstopnica za Pustolovski park Geoss za družino z dvema odraslima in enim otrokom. Vključuje vstop na vse proge z upoštevanjem starostne omejitve in omejitve višine...
Ex Tax:45.66€
Model: Geoss-odrasli
Vstopnica za Pustolovski park Geoss za družino z dvema staršema in dvema otrokoma. Vključuje vstop na vse proge z upoštevanjem starostne omejitve in omejitve višine...
Ex Tax:58.45€
Model: vrednostni-bon
Bon v želeni vrednosti je namenjen tistim, ki želijo podariti našo pustolovščino, izbiro produkta pa prepustijo prejemniku bona. Prejemnik bona bo na ta način lahko sam izbiral med celotno našo ponudbo in prejel najljubše darilo...
poljubna vrednost


Equipment for climbing in the park (safety belt with two safety clips and a pulley for zipline).
Theoretical and practical training of using of the park at the school training ground.
Supervision by instructors on individual routes.

Suitable for

Minimum age: 4 years.
Park capacity: 130 persons.
Duration: from 2 to 4 hours (depending on the age of the children).