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Did you ever wish to fly? You can experience that feeling in Adventure park Geoss. The huge zip-line is made up of three parts, one of them is even the longest zip-line in Slovenia. When riding the zip-line you climb 25 metres off the ground and can reach a speed of 60 kilometres per hour. While flying, you get a view of the whole valley and nearby hills. The view of the world from that perspective offers an amazing experience.

You can see the price list for the huge zip-line here. Before the ride, you get a detailed instructions from the instructor, who walks with you to the start position.

A huge zip-line can be a part of your adventure in treetops to reward yourself after the climb in Adventure park Geoss or as an individual activity in the geometric centre of Slovenia. We advise groups a time-share of the huge zip-line beforehand.

Model: Geoss-otroci orjaška
Orjaška vstopnica vključuje otroško vstopnico za pustolovski park (3 ure) + 1x orjaški spust (915m dolg spust po jeklenici)..
Ex Tax:25.57€
Model: Geoss-odrasli
Orjaška vstopnica vključuje vstopnico za pustolovski park (3 ure) + 1x orjaški spust (915m dolg spust po jeklenici)..
Ex Tax:31.96€
Model: Geoss-odrasli
Orjaški spust je spust po naši jeklenici. S tujko običajno opisujejo ta spust, kot zipline.Jeklenica je dolga v skupni dolžini kar 915m. Otroci, ki imajo 40kg ali več gredo lahko samostojno na ta spust. Lažji otroci pa lahko spust prav tako opravijo, a le v tandemu z našim inštruktorjem.Tistim, ki s..
Ex Tax:16.44€


Length: total length of 3 zip lines is 915m
Max altitude: 20m
Max speed: up to 60km/h

Suitable for

Minimum age: not limited
Max veight: 120 kg
Min weight: 40 kg (kids with less than 40kg can go in tandem with instructor)