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Adventure park Geoss

Adventure park Geoss is located in the village of Slivna, not far from the geometric centre of Slovenia (GEOSS). We offer a real adventure and climbing in treetops, for children and adults. You can climb from 1 to 25 meter above ground, depending on your skills and adrenaline needs. Our adventure park offers seven climbing courses of different levels of difficulty, which you can conquer in two to three hours. On different heights (from 1 to 25 metres) there are 97 climbing elements, that include more than 200 metres of descend (zip-line). The easiest difficulty level is suitable for children, older than 4 years. Every visitor, however, chooses the level of difficulty suitable for themselves.

In the season 2019/2020, we have prepared a motor skills development pathway for the youngest - those who are not old enough to climb above ground. You can read more about the Motor skill development pathway here.


Our adventure park is made after ERCA standards. Those standards stipulate requirements that provide full safety for visitors and instructors. You will always be kindly welcomed by our skilled instructors, who will care for your safety during your visit at the park.

For the visit to our park you are advised to wear appropriate footwear and sports clothes. Every visitor gets their own climbing gear and is bound to take part in lessons on the learning range, where he or she gets acquainted with climbing rules, potential peculiarities on individual courses and rules of behaviour in the park. After finished lessons on the learning range, you can independently send off on the courses. The instructors will not be with you individually, but will supervise you closely, help you if necessary and answer all your questions regarding the usage of the park and conquering the courses.

In the treetops you will be protected by safety gear from Petzl, Singing rock and Climbing Technology. Our park is built in accordance with EU standard EN 15661-1 and in that way provides 100% security for all visitors.