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Birthday's Adventures

Do you wish to experience a birthday celebration, filled with adventure? We can make that happen. We offer fresh air and the best treetop adventure for your child. We prepared different deals for celebrating a birthday celebration in our adventure park.


We will make a reservation for a table, where you will be able to celebrate your child's birthday. This is also a place for your food and drinks that you bring along. Every child will get their own climbing gear, they will then take part in a teaching course, where the instructor will also present to them rules of the usage of the park. After the finished test on the teaching polygon, they will be ready to use the seven climbing courses, suitable for their age and ability.

A parent or a guardian of the birthday celebrator is obligated to be present in the park and participate with guests at the right usage of the park. They can also encourage them and take photos of them.

One group can use the picnic space and adventure park activities for 4 hours.

SMALL PICNIC SPACE – additional 25 EUR for a 4 hour cottage reservation*

If you would like to have a little more privacy at the celebration, you can make a reservation for a cottage house for about 15 children, instead of reserving a table. The cottage is 3,5x2,5 metres big and next to it there are also tables and benches that you can also use in the time of your visit.

You can accompany the kids or leave them in the care of our park instructors. In both cases, there are other instructors in the park, that take care for appropriate usage of the park.


If you decide to celebrate your child’s birthday in Adventure park Geoss, we can also make a free invitation for the party and send it to you via email. To make an invitation, all we need is your child’s name, date and time of the celebration and your phone number as a contact.


In Adventure park Geoss you can order pizza, sometimes we also organize a barbecue food that you can arrange to buy. In the entrance log cabin, you can buy different food from farms and local providers, as well as some cold beverages, tea and coffee.

* different discounts we post over the year don’t apply for birthday celebrations or school groups! (example: SPAR plus discount card).

For more information call 030 332 332.

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Supper: večerja na travniku
Experience treetops by night: na vrhunskih vzmetnicah, vzglavnikih in pod odejami Slovenske postelje
Breakfast: jutranji zajtrk na drevesu (v piknik košarici)

Suitable for

Minimum age: 16 let
Night stay: od 18h do 10h naslednjega dne
Number of people: do 3