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Terms of use and responsibility

Every visitor must be informed with the Terms of use and resposibility before using the Adventure park Geoss. Adult visitors must inform their children and children younger than the age of 15 about the content of this paper.

Terms of use

The visitor uses the Adventure Park Geoss (in continue referred as park) on his/her own responsibility, which he/she acquainted with and confirmed them at the signing of the tenderer's statement.

1. Visit to the park is at everybody’s own responsibility.

2. The park is suitable for adults with average psychophysical abilities who have no problems with height. In the presence of adult responsible persons (parents or guardians), children older than 4 years can also take part in the activities.

3. The activities in park are prohibited for persons whose participation causes or could cause a health or any other danger or risk, or a threat of safety and property of the provider.

4. Provider can, at his own discretion, prohibit participation in the park to person, who is showing signs of influence of alcohol, drugs or other prohibited substances. In this case, the provider is not obligated to return the payment for the ticket.

5. Every visitor must go to the presentation of safety instructions, which consists of a theoretical and practical part. If the visitor does not attend the presentation or does not participate in the presentation, the provider may prohibit the visitor from participating in the park. The refund of the payment for the ticket is not an obligation of the provider.

6. All the provider's theoretical instructions are binding and must be followed. In case of violation of instructions, the provider may ask the visitor to leave the program or to finish the visit. The refund of the payment of the program is not an obligation of the provider.

7. In the event of a violation of the instructions or other warnings of the provider, the visitor shall be liable for the consequences and damage incurred. In any case, provider is not responsible for the damage.

8. Safety equipment for the park consists of a safety belt and carabiners.

9. Visitors receive safety equipment and then they are attending the instructions. Security equipment must be properly set and used in accordance with the received instructions of the provider. The visitors are not allowed to postpone it or give it to another person. Safety carabiners must be all the time on a safety wire. You should never disassemble both carabiners at the same time from the wire. In case of doubt, error or error on the equipment, the visitors are obliged to immediately call the provider or the duty instructor.

10. During the activity in the park is prohibited to smoke, consummating alcohol or other prohibited substances.

11. Upon completion of the visit to the park, the visitor returns the whole equipment, which the provider checks, and, in the event of damage, records the latter. The visitor shall be liable according to the general rules on liability for damages of the equipment or its loss due to the visitor's act.

12. The bidder is responsible for ensuring the integrity of the security equipment, the safety of other equipment used in the park, and the clear transmission of instructions on the use of safety equipment.

13. In case of force majeure or for safety reasons (unsuitable weather conditions, natural disasters, etc.), the provider reserves the right to stop activities in the park. If less than 60 minutes have passed since the beginning of the visitor's activity, the visitor is entitled either to reimbursement of the entrance fee or to provide a replacement date of visit.

14. These rules are in use since 25.5.2022.