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In our park, we looked for a corner that, due to its natural terrain, offered the possibility of building imaginative wooden elements that offer children a wide variety of movement games. Gibalnica is a fenced area with a wooden fence to prevent pets from entering it, as the floor is entirely made of wood chips, which prevent injuries when children fall on the floor. We want to keep this base natural, without any secretions of domestic animals that could find a suitable place for their needs there. It contains 5 climbing elements for children up to 7 years of age, a training ground (Poligon) for children up to 3 years of age and individual wooden toys distributed throughout the entire part of the gym.

POLIGON - training ground

A special place in Gibalnica itself is a polygon with 18 elements, which are suitable for children from 7 months of age. The condition for a child to be able to test the polygon is that he already knows how to count. This training ground is designed according to the plan of experts from Pedosana, where they take care of the motor development of babies. The polygon is actually a circular path, which gives children the opportunity to overcome various obstacles and experience different surfaces. It has built-in elements that enable the child to face the problems of everyday life. Overcoming steps up and down, crawling on uneven ground, walking with the help of a fence, climbing over obstacles on the ground and many more.

Poligon itself is intended for children up to the age of 3, older children have many other elements to play with the training ground.

Model: Geoss-otroci-do-6
Otroška vstopnica do 5,99 let vključuje vstopnico za proge, ki so prilagojene otrokom od 4. leta starosti pa vse do 5,99let...
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Model: Geoss-otroci-do-15
Vstopnica vključuje pustolovščino v parku na vseh progah, ki so starostno primerne za otrokovo starost. Proge so označene po barvah in so različno zahtevne. Pred pričetkom plezanja vas seznanimo s pravili plezanja po parku..
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